Vaccines R&D

Our core project in Malaysia is to establish an advance world-class R&D center in Malaysia for production and manufacturing of dengue vaccine. This full-scale project is undertaken in cooperation with leading European scientific institute, Eastern Corridor Economic Region (ECER), Malaysian Investment and Development Authority (MIDA), Malaysian Bioeconomy Development Corp. under Ministry of Science Technology and Innovation (MOSTI).

The first phase involves research and development, construction design, product design and formulation as well as pre-clinical studies in Russian scientific institutes.

During this process, Malaysian scientists will participate via an exchange programme to acquire knowledge and technology.

The second phase will involve pre-clinical studies on primates in Malaysia.

The technology transfers include training qualified Malaysian personnel in the field of genetic vaccine, intellectual property sharing, research and development of dengue fever vaccine, product commercialisation and construction of a state-of-the-art pharmaceutical plant in Gambang.